God isn’t a God of hills and Valleys. He isn’t a pagan king who cares for His people when the emotion strikes Him. God doesn’t give people diamonds and then tell them, “ We'll scrape through summer when you don’t have a job.” He doesn’t say, “Oh, get the small room in case no one shows up.” He knows who’s going to show up. He is not jerking your chain just to watch you jump. He leads by peace. If He says get the big room and you feel peace about getting the big room; GET THE BIG ROOM. He isn’t a middle school boyfriend, He is God Almighty. He doesn’t write love songs and buy you things only to let you deal with the mundane. You want honesty, look at Him. You want faithfulness even when it’s hard, look at Him. You want unwavering strength, look at Him. God doesn’t take the easy way out of loving you and he certainly doesn’t smell like Axe body spray. HE IS NEVER INCONVENIENCED BY YOU.

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